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CommUNITY Christmas - bts decorates trees

Nov 18, 2022

Christmas trees in Bury St Edmunds have been decorated with children’s self-portraits drawn onto eco-friendly wood slices. The miniature masterpieces were placed in high boughs by local tree surgery firm bts Group Ltd, on behalf of Bury Developments, ahead of the 17 November Christmas Lights Event.   bts Group arborists Clive Collins and Jason Webb withstood the November rain, using a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) to safely reach the higher branches of four trees: two in t...

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bts Group receives RoSPA Gold Health and Safety Award

Aug 29, 2022

Utility arboriculture firm bts Group Ltd has landed an internationally-recognised award for demonstrating top-tier health and safety standards in the workplace. bts Group has received a RoSPA Gold Health and Safety Award for its diligent work safeguarding staff and sub-contractors. RoSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – operates by the motto “accidents don’t have to happen”. bts Group agrees, doing everything possible to mitigate risk in a dang...

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Ash dieback - the danger to professionals - PDF

May 20, 2022

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Ash Dieback: the danger to professionals

May 19, 2022

Ash dieback: the danger to professionals Trees infected with ash dieback are dangerous, even to experienced arborists. Know the risks and learn how to stay safe. Ash dieback, or Chalara, is devastating one of the UK’s most common tree species. Experts say that the disease will kill 80% of the UK’s ash trees in the next 50 years. We’ve written about this subject before from an ecological angle. This time we will focus more on the risk to tree workers. The BBC recently report...

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Giant hogweed: dangers, law, identification, and control

Apr 22, 2022

Giant hogweed Giant hogweed might seem harmless – it looks very similar to common native species – but it’s dangerous to the unwary. In May, eagle-eyed gardeners, horticulturalists and arborists will start noticing a familiar, sharply-serrated leaf among the spring vegetation: giant hogweed. The sprigs won’t stay small for long. Giant hogweed, a species first brought to the UK as an ornamental plant, can reach 3.5m/11.5ft in height, with flowerheads (‘umbels&rsqu...

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Giant hogweed - dangers and identification - PDF

Apr 14, 2022

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LiDAR in arboriculture

Apr 6, 2022

Professionals in arboriculture – from forest managers to tree surgeons to ecologists – are starting to take advantage of a developing, laser-based technology.  LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a method of measuring distance. In the context of arboriculture, you might see the technology referred to as TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanning). It works by targeting a surface with a laser and measuring the time it takes for the reflected light to come back and hit the sensor. It ca...

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Arwen aftermath

Dec 8, 2021

On 26 November, the Met Office issued a rare red weather warning for coastal areas in the northeast of the UK – from Aberdeenshire, down the east coast to the Tees estuary. The announcement came after wider-ranging amber and yellow wind warnings in the UK. Storm Arwen hit the UK on a Friday night, damaging property and infrastructure with severe gales coming in from the northeast. Gusts reached nearly 100mph in some areas, and widely exceeded 60mph. Three people died in the storms. The...

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bts helps decorate Trees of Hope in Bury St Edmunds

Nov 19, 2021

bts Group joined other local organisations to help decorate the Christmas trees of Bury St Edmunds with special ‘Trees of Hope’ baubles.   Left to right: Will Todd, Austin Cornish, Chris Old Building contractors Bury Developments contracted bts to help out ahead of Bury St Edmunds’ Christmas Lights Event (which went ahead 18 November 2021). bts arborists Will Todd and Chris Old spent a sunny morning working with project organisers Melanie Less...

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In the Heat of the Summer

Aug 24, 2021

Paul Read’s team took on a complex task at Robins Folly, Thurleigh (near Bedford). The job: taking down two decaying ash trees and siding up a large poplar. The terrain was awkward, and scheduling happened to line up with a July heatwave. Date: 22 July 2021 Location: Address: Robins Folly, Thurleigh Area: Cambridgeshire team Client: UK Power Networks Extra equipment: 26-meter tracked MEWP 33-meter tracked MEWP Tracked high-tip pedestrian dumper 230mm ...

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