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Safety First & Know-how

Safety First

Toolbox talk by River TRent

ROSPA GOld Certificate 2019

Safety management is vital to everything we do and so we manage it properly.  

We work in dangerous industries.  To reduce risk to an acceptable level, we impose appropriately high levels of controls on our operations.

It is widely accepted that providing staff with information, instruction and training are among the greatest measures for reducing risk. We therefore provide our people with all necessary information on risk and instruct and train them well.

While methods of work form the basis of instructions for safe working, training forms the foundation of safety as we need competent people if we’re to carry out our operations safely.

Our dedicated safety staff ensure the safety of the entire workforce, making sure all equipment is free from defect and that the business follows legislation, while proactively monitoring practice through site visits and behavioural exchanges.

And while we have a safety team, the responsibility for working safely is shared by everyone who works for and with bts.

If you have concerns about safety, have seen us doing something that’s not safe or have questions about our safety policies or procedures, please contact us.


bts Know-how

We carry out over 2000 planned shutdowns each year.

Every day we will have more than 250 fully qualified people working on the network.

We have hosted school open days to introduce young people to the wonderful world of arboriculture.

All bts staff, whether directly employed or sub-contracted, are trained in first aid and manual handling techniques. This is because we believe that we should all be able to look after each other, both in and outside of work.

In the event of a storm emergency we can help restore power to customers by putting 240 fully qualified tree cutters to work within a few hours.

We take the safety of our employees and the public more seriously than anything else we do. 

We’re proud, but complacent?  Never.