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bts works with electricity suppliers to improve the safety, quality and reliability of the network that supplies your electricity, now and in the future. Sometimes that requires us to cut trees that are growing near to the lines. We do this work to make sure your supply is kept in safe and reliable condition.

Sometimes that requires us to work on the poles and cables that supply the electricity. At times we cut trees that are growing near to the lines. We do this work to make sure your supply is kept in safe and reliable condition.

We appreciate that our work is likely to cause some inconvenience. We’re very sorry for that, and we will do all we can to keep disruption to a minimum.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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To enable us to carry out our work safely it’s possible that we will need to switch off your electricity supply. We do this only when it’s not possible to cut trees that are growing in the power lines without switching off the power. And If we’re repairing or upgrading the powerlines then we need to switch the power off then as well.

We will always work hard to minimise the time you’re without power. If your power has to be disconnected we will give you warning well before it happens by putting a notice through your door.

This notice will let you know the day and time your power will go off, and when it will be put back on.

What can I do before the power cut?

• If you need electricity to power for any medical equipment, please contact us immediately

• Before a planned powercut begins, switch electric fires and cookers off to avoid accidents when the power is restored

• We recommend that you turn off and unplug any sensitive equipment that you can reach easily such as TVs, satellite receivers, machinery, computers and other office equipment

• About 12 hours before the supply is switched off, set your freezer to its coldest setting and avoid opening the door (put it back to a normal setting after the power cut)

• It’s a good idea to leave one light on to let you know when the power returns

• Charge your mobile phone, if you have one.

Remember a normal landline might not work during a powercut.

What should I do when my power returns?

• Remember to reset any time switches (cooker and boiler, for example.)

• Reset your freezer to a normal setting

Useful information

• In extreme weather conditions or if the ambient temperature is below zero degrees we may have to postpone this work

• Extra support might be available to you if you’re on a priority services register.

• You might be able to join this register if you’re chronically sick, elderly, or vulnerable in some other way.