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bts Group Needham cleared vegetation from powerlines in a late-night roadside shutdown at Red Lodge on 2-3 May. 

Teams from bts and Tree Craft were on-site from 20:00 to 02:00. The distribution network operator shut down two spans on the A11, leaving them safe for our teams to clear. Arborists cut pines – which comprised the bulk of the job – to three metres below the conductors, and removed self-set poplars and an ash.

The roadside location necessitated traffic management, so sister company tbf Traffic set up a slip-road closure and diversion before tree work began. Still, the teams were working in a high-risk location, and took care to stay well inside the safe zone.

As the sun set, bts wheeled out the portable floodlights. Bright, telescopic lights cut through the darkness. Used in combination with head torches, allowed arborists to work safely by illuminating the site and increasing worker visibility. 

The teams cleared the brush, then used MEWPs and ladders (as the verge width allowed) to work on the trees. This method of work minimised disruption to the crops behind the trees.

A small section of live work and the site clear-up was left until morning, for safety and practicality’s sake, but the bulk of the job was completed that night.