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Our client called this fault on 11 March, during the daytime. A large, diseased white poplar had fallen on the LV ABC overhead conductor – the tree was leaning over a public road and a brick wall.

bts (West Midlands branch) dispatched a team of arborists to the site.

The team arrived, assessed the tree, and proposed a plan for work with possible wall and conductor damage in mind. The landowner, however, stated that he would not accept any wall damage.

The work

After further assessment and discussion between Piotr Zamachowski (bts Health and Safety Advisor), Chris Woodroffe (bts Area Manager) and the client’s fault coordinator, the decision was made to use a heavy plant to lift the fallen tree off the conductor. 

bts contractor Arbserv provided their Merlow Roto MCSS40.26 rotating telehandler, with Westec Tech CS750 Smart Tree Graple, and 750mm saw attachment.

Work on the tree removal started at 8pm. The machine was initially used to prop the tree to avoid it falling on the wall. After shortening the crown and a trunk of the tree to a manageable length, the stem was lifted off the conductor and lowered safely onto the ground.

Job done

The works were completed shortly before 11pm. By 11:30pm, power was reconnected and the site cleared.