About BTS Group

Based in Suffolk, UK, and with offices across Bedford and Essex, we have a national reach.

BTS was founded in 1993 by Managing Director Halley McCallum. Our work is to provide vital support to utility companies within the UK. Central to that is the provision of engineering and vegetation management services to electricity distributor network operators (DNO).

For these DNOs, we repair, maintain and construct overhead lines, including working on the poles, lines and transformers associated with LV, 11kV, 33kV and 132kV systems. Our company is already responsible for protecting approximately 40,000 km of the UK’s electricity network.

We are also a leading provider of vegetation management, tree surgery and utility arboriculture and, for these services, we attract clients from the utility, commercial and private sectors.

Our ability to deliver overhead electricity and vegetation services simultaneously, and to do it while using our own direct staff, is unique. By delivering this ‘double-barrelled solution’ we enable our clients to achieve fewer shutdowns, realise significant cost savings and cause less disruption to electricity consumers.


Our commitment to delivering excellence and value in everything we do is absolute and is shared by the skilled people that work for and with us. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of nationally accredited courses and assessments for linesmen and arborists we have a retail arm, offering quality goods and consumables to tree surgeons and associated trades.